Bucket List – Grand Canyon. Check.

Visiting the Grand Canyon was something I wanted to do as long as I could remember. I was finally going to check off something on my bucket list! The experience was even more incredible than I could have imagined.

Grand Canyon

Earlier this summer, my honey, Brad, suggested we go to the Grand Canyon. That was a great idea to me since I had never been anywhere out west before except Las Vegas. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to see one of God’s incredible creations . This one is on my bucket list.  You know, one of those things I wanted to experience before I “kick the bucket.”

I counted down the days for a month. “How would I react,” I wondered, “when I see such a magnificent place in person?” I didn’t know if I would shout, scream or cry.  The plane ride and drive there seemed like an eternity. I felt like a child again. “Are we there yet?”

We decided to start out with a bus tour so we could hear some of interesting information our tour guide would share. When he announced, “And here is the first view of the Grand Canyon, folks.” We passed the trees and there it was. Instead of seeing the bottom of big mountains, we were viewing them from the top. Layers and layers of huge, beautiful structures, made from God’s almighty hands.

And my reaction? Stone silence. I could only attempt to soak in the majesty and beauty of what my eyes were seeing. I don’t think I have yet to adjust to the immenseness, the glory of it all. And after my momentary shock of the view, I realized that the entire tour bus was quiet. It was – it seemed – a spiritual moment between us and God.

My very first view of the Grand Canyon. For once, I was speechless!

I will never forget the first second I  saw the Grand Canyon with my own eyes. And at 53, it was a check on my bucket list well worth waiting for.

Happy trails,


Author: Denise Ratcliffe

Denise Ratcliffe was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina. Two of her adult children live with her, and she has 4 wonderful grandchildren. Denise loves to loves worship God, spend time with family, and work on her garden.

4 thoughts on “Bucket List – Grand Canyon. Check.”

  1. Thanks for your recent visit to The Glasgow Gallivanter. We went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. It really is awesome! I could never quite understand what I was looking at when I saw pictures – and I found my eyes struggled to make sense of it even in “real life”, it was just so different from anything else I had ever seen.


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