Journalists, et al, Step Up

My biggest concern since this American presidential election is the Freedom of Speech. Now people get bullied and ostracized for speaking up or giving a dissenting opinion. I thought that was one of the great things about America – our freedoms – and it seems to be slipping away. This post hits on many of my concerns. We ALL need to protect our rights and step up.


By Caitlin Kelly Some of you are fellow journalists. Some of you follow the news closely and know that President Elect Donald Trump makes a habit of naming, shaming and blaming reporters he thinks have somehow insulted him, often by merely challenging him on his ever-shifting statements and tweets. At his first press conference in […]

via It’s time for journalists to stand up — Broadside

Author: Denise Ratcliffe

Denise Ratcliffe was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina. Two of her adult children live with her, and she has 4 wonderful grandchildren. Denise loves to loves worship God, spend time with family, and travel to new places.

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